I had an excellent interview with Candice Onyeama yesterday, to promote her crowd funding campaign for her forthcoming short film ‘ Once an Old Lady Sat on My Chest’. Candice shared candidly about names, including her own name, mental health, film finance, writing being ‘like church’ and much more besides. Please support her campaign if you can, she’s part of a new wave of women filmmakers who deserve to be pushed….. The whole interview will be on my blog site on Monday.

Once An Old Lady Sat On My Chest Campaign Video from Genesis Child Films on Vimeo.


‘ Once an Old Lady Sat on My Chest’.

A young British Nigerian woman, Uju struggles to find a decent job.  As her situation gets worse, she decides to take the drastic step of changing her ethnic name to an English one, hoping this will improve her chances. But on the night of her name change, she is haunted by a curious old woman who squats down heavily on her chest and whose presence forces her to question the significance of her name and her identity.


In Diaspora, you’re in constant flow between two identities. But what happens when one of these identities is treated as less worthy than the other and one which should be pushed to the background and if possible hidden away? And if your name reveals you as having this ‘pariah’ identity, what happens then?

Please help support this film by going to their crowd funding page here