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Bright Young Tings – Black Theatre Photography Exhibition until 15 April

A new exhibition showcasing more than 60 photographs of Black theatre productions in the 70s and 80s has opened at the National Theatre. Bright Young Tings captures the rising of the Black Theatre Co-operative - a group of young black... Continue Reading →


Denis Elmina Davis and Maureen Blackwood

Maureen Blackwood and Elmina Davis are a major inspiration in Black British Filmmaking. Both women have made their mark in film by producing radical, politically charged, ground breaking films made for the Black female gaze. Blackwood’s film style is avant-garde... Continue Reading →

The state of the UK film industry

"The newspapers last week featured headlines like “UK film production break[s] records” and “Star Wars punches London film industry past light speed“.  This led to a number of people contacting me to ask if the overall message was true –... Continue Reading →

8 Things Every New Filmmaker Should Learn Before Making Their First Film

From getting good audio to choosing good costumes, this video covers all the bases of filmmaking for beginners. check out these simple rules for making your first film from No Film School

Top Black British films list from the BFI

Here is the list of the BFI Top Black British Films. "The representation of black British life has been sorely underrepresented in our national cinema, but there have been hints of a resurgence in recent years. Amma Asante’s 18th-century-set drama... Continue Reading →

Kimberly Stewart: the black woman behind 6 of this years oscar nominations

Yes that's right, six! "......Producer Kimberly Steward was among the several black stars who celebrated earning an Oscar nomination on Tuesday. Steward, who was a producer for the film “Manchester By The Sea,” is only the second black woman producer to... Continue Reading →


Barry Jenkins Quietly Makes History With Oscar Nomination Trifecta Barry Jenkins, the writer and director behind “Moonlight,” could become the biggest story of awards season should he nab Best Director at the 89th Academy Awards next month. His win would mark... Continue Reading →


“I’m a born bricoleur. I love the way that things that are otherwise discrete and self-contained start to suggest things once they are forced into a dialogue with something else.”-- John Akomfrah FILM, ART AND WOMEN...AT THE MUSEUM! A WOW... Continue Reading →


This year marks the 50th anniversary of CLR James’ wonderful, groundbreaking work Beyond a Boundary.  To call it a book about cricket is a bit like calling cricket a ‘game’. Beyond a Boundary blend… Source: BEYOND A BOUNDARY

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