There are some great new filmmakers out there. And there are some great old filmmakers out there. We love them all. We want to know who they are what they are up to. We want to keep our ears to the ground and take note. We want to know where we can see quality film that feeds our heart and our soul. We want to experience film with an open heart. We want to know what else filmmakers are cooking up for us. We want to make a connection between the past and the present in our film world; so we can create a future that is stronger and more exciting than anything we have seen before. We want to critique and intellectualise and discuss the intersections in our films. We want to about learn new ways to make and our films and distribute them so that everyone can see them. We want everyone to see them. We want our films to discuss taboo subjects in a way that is challenging beautiful and empowering. We want to know about every woman and girl filmmaker out there. We are here. The Black British film blog.

Yvonne Connikie


Yvonne Connikie ┬áis a programmer/curator and filmmaker, founder of the Black Film Festival Wales 2000-2008 and Founder member and former Chair of The New Black Film Collective (2009 – present). She is also Assistant Curator and Education Coordinator for ‘Big City Stories’, a Black London Film Heritage Archive Project sponsored by Film London.